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My b*t*h a Dirty Diana (Woah)
Young n***a Michael Jackson bad (Yeah)
I came to ball, Steve Nash (Ball, Steve Nash)
I wake up, I pop a tag (I wake up, pop a tag)
All of my foreigns fast (Skrrt)
Yeah, I made myself the man (I made myself the man)
I'm 'bout to sign a new advance (Sign)
The millions in demand (M's)

[Verse 1]
I took some shrooms with the homie (Ooh)
I bought my new b*t*h a Rollie (Oh)
I would never tell on the code (Oh)
I could parasail if I wanted (Parasail)
These n***as ain't shell and it's showin' (Shell)
I could send some shells to your colon (Yeah)
I know that young Gunna Wunna chosen (Gunna Wunna)
Be patient, I'm livin' in the moment (Patient)
Ask my people, they gon' say I'm one hundred (Hundred)
Ask these pussies, they tryna take me under (pu**y)
I won't let 'em, can't take me out my comfort (Nah)
We send bullets, big bullets by the bundle (Yeah)
2020, I'm lookin' through a tunnel (2020)
Can't see fully but know I'm seein' numbers (Nah)
b*t*h so sexy, I f**k without a condom (f**k without a condom)
I'm an animal straight up out the jungle
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