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[Intro: Yak Gotti]
Girl, you want a, uh, um, uh
You want a maniac?

[Chorus: Yak Gotti]
Wunna flow, Wunna flow
Wunna flow, Wunna flow
Wunna flow, Wunna flow
Wunna flow, Wunna flow

[Verse 1: Yak Gotti]
Benz galore, Bentley store (Bentley Store)
I just went bought her some his and hers
Hop out this sh*t and hop in a Coupe
'Ventador joyridin', doors down
Jump out that b*t*h and I raise the roof
n***as be cappin', they rat in they raps
I'm Yak Gotti, Slatt Gotti, got the proof
Big black Drac', I call that hypnotic
I'm with some hot pocket, I got them blues
Talk what you talkin', boy, that ain't you
Ride with some weenies, you gettin' used
Birthday cake, see me, I got the juice
Live Maybach black so my life ain't a movie
If we ridin' two deep, both of us shoot 'em
Take him for the ride, he gettin' scooped
Don't be surprised when I finish you
Yo' career is over, boy, you finished, dude
Sent a thousand on shots, they extended, fool
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