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"Lion (Unreleased)"

All of my foreigns got luxurious speed, I could hit on the freeway
I ain't givin' no help, I know how to play deaf I dont talk to the D.A
Met yo b*t*h in the strip, wit' my d**k on her lip, and her nut lookin' like toothpaste
If we hop in da' whip, with sixteen in the clip, that boy gon see his due date
Got hunnids', on hunnids', on hunnids', on hunnids', I keep me some blue racks
If its your comma, it cost me a couple of commas, I got it in two days
I done' got more designer, it [?] that im rockin' this sh*t all in one way
Livin life, and I never will trade it for nothin', thank God every Sunday
Do what they dont, and I ball when I want, and these n***as don't like it
When I come to the scene, it's me, i'm so fresh and so clean, I know they gon' bite it
Pockets full of blue Cheese, i'm smokin' on Biscotti [?]

Swear to God, we ain't playin', we keep a [?] minivan, and a Glock we can light it
Louis bag full of bands, i keep me a lil' hunnid' gram, ain't nothin excitin'
I'm a [?] boy, I feel like a Lion
We ain't got nothin to say, we bitin'
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