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Orlando Brown

"Pay Attention To Me"

(Pay Attention To Me) [X5]
(I Put A Hurting On This Game Pay Attention To Me)

[Chorus x2:]
Pay Attention To Me
I'm on the grind, steady looking to the sky
(Pay attention to me)
Asking, "Why, Oh Why, Must I Have To Live This Life?"

A Little Profame I'm Aranged In This Game Whos To Blame Explosives Hanging From My Crane I'll let you know
If I was A crane I'd let the explosives Go (Uh)
To Hit The Earth, but not my turf, because I run the show
I Got Plans To Be Something bigger than life
Spitting Lyrics, you can fear it like a bullet and knife
Gonna get branded With A Knife, gonna get stranded with A Wife
2pac Careing 2 Blocks For A Red Shot I'm Neating I'm Greeting So Cowards Can Follow Me
I'm rapping, I'm acting, I'm doing it happily
The one thing I remember is doing my ABC's
Now look at me, I So So Rep For Tha Streets Of The West Take This Cause This ain't my best
I've got years to come, so strap on your vest


In my brain, there At No Way This World Can See The Way I Can Make
Hypocritical Riyms To Make Up For Lost Time 2 Pac From A New Error
Thc I Bring Terror
Try To Tell Yall Cats That I'm Whole Collect Car Dust On Your Soul So I'm On Top And Still Can't Take This Pain...

Wonder why they call me so rich
Maybe it's cause I am so sick


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