Nicki Minaj

"Good Luck"


[Verse 1]
Yo, I'ma give 'em what they asked for
On my James Brown flow with my afro (Uh)
Tell 'em meet me in the back though
And they better have my motherf**kin' cash flow
When I'm chillin' out in Houston with the Astros
And they know that I get flyer than an acrobat
They can't see me from the back row, back
I shut it down with my clique though, clack
I know what I don't know
Always pregnant with some sons but I don't show (Uh)
New York, I'm in SoHo
Gotta hit the UK for some promo (Uh)

On it, I'm not entertained
Me and you are not the same
Bringing it back like Rogaine
Let us do us like romaine
I think I'm insane
I think I'm insane
On it, I'm not entertained
I think I'm insane
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