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Nicki Minaj

"Girl With The Blonde Hair (Version 2)*"

[Intro: Nicki Minaj & Juice WRLD]
Bad b*tches run the world let me make it clear
When I leave Juice WRLD, back to pink hair
Haha, it's lit, preach it, haha
f*ck the blunt up, haha
Yeah, I’m on marijuana (Marijuana)
My lean plug say he'll be here in a second (Pull up)
I'm getting high, I’m feelin' restless (I'm sad)
Feel like I'm finna die (R.I.P.)

[Chorus: Juice WRLD]
f*ck the blunt up, then f*ck your momma (Uh-huh)
My VVS cold like an arctic tundra
A .40 on me, woah, you don't want no problems
And you best proceed with some caution, yeah
This song for the girl with the blonde hair
Suck me up good, give me Becky, like, yeah
She ride it, like, yeah, in a Versace chair
Her boyfriend heated like a grill, no Hibachi, yeah

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