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Bankroll Fresh

"Paper Tags"

[Verse 1: Bankroll Fresh]
2 pares of Christion Louboutins, give my b*tch them all
4 pockets, all hundreds in m
Which one, no, I got like 20 hundreds
Drop ten hundred on the new drive
Sometimes, bring something new
In the Porsh, get out the way, run that motherf*cker on the bridge, turn his ass blue
Gun get your man wet, you get your head cracked
Young n*gga ran off with 20 hundreds, n*gga, that's a sack
Coope, n*gga, that’s a buck 20
Just made 4,000
In the hood, with the counting socket
Pipe it up like my bro Stooey
Drugs come long, just ask Kenny
Load my clip, yep, it's extended
Smoke more than a frate train, give your b*tch great di*k, then kick her out
Goddamb, dog, Bankroll on f*cking engin
Bankroll always spendin
Street money with me, yeah we always gettin it
Porsh, Mazzy, Benz, Lamb
Plain, bus, spring, Xan
Diamond, Rolli, goddamb
n*gga, hang, we don't spam

[Verse 2: Quicktrip]
Paper town, and we know the dealer
It’s word to Bankroll, yeah, this sh*t official
I'm the man, never in the middle
I'm in the jeep, n*gga, took the top off
Quicktrip get them gloccs out
f*cked a hoe and got my rocks off
New Bentley, with the top gone
Out in LA, n*gga, with Top Dog
Quicktrip, I'm the top dog
Say goodbye to a n*gga b*tch, blue lights on me, lookin like a frog
Quicktrip goin shut down the mall
Luie Vuittonand Shanell, n*gga, Shanell vintage, I f*ck with it
The same n*ggas that grew up with me, same n*ggas that just stunt with me
Got a bad b*tch, and she slide for me
You feel, n*gga, I ride in them 50s
Same n*gga that surved Js, they want one, better spend 50
f*ck around, see me in the Henny
3 9 2, but that's black addition
Quicktrip the first n*gga with it
Quicktrip the first n*gga did it

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