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"Fire in the booth"

U gang bang I ride peace sign call me benz
See  I pen and pad my own path out the ends
I'm  Still with the same friends swoosh
Still ballin
If I struggle I shall not resort to name calling
Its  bright lights over here
A diss track will never be the highlight of my career
There's  no time to bicker with kids I'm too grown
If you get it you get it if you don't you don't
Are they goin at chippy I ain't sure
I shoulda took offence but I ain't insecure
Your  picking lines from my rhymes and addressing them to yourself
Pick your pen and your pad up pus*y address me yourself
And get ignored you don't deserve the help
He probably doesn't own an address for yourself
f*cking babys got too much mouth you need a dummy boy
I'm sick and tired of these mummys boys
f*ck'em my lifestyles so comfy
I'm busy building up bridges between countries
If they catch it on camera let em bite the plan
I shud stop feeding N**** tryna bite my hands
So you tell me who is if I isn't the man?
I play so f*cking hard and that's word to Vash
U see I cosign from me that's such a major stamp
Come we get back to this major plan
Were we at?
So were we at?

Hell yeah I'm out of reach but surely I ain't out of touch
Im like the internet has killed that radio stuff
f*ck that's no offence to the DJ's
We need you
You need us so let the beat play
So simultaneous conversating with majors
I be a top 5
MCs owe me favours
And I is where I'd like to be so who you gonna hate on if your minus me bro?
And only god can judge were all sinners
From chicken to dinners with grammy award winners
I flash talk I don't political MC
But the MP from my town f*cks with me
I need a statue in my city I'm defining hope
As long as I have a brain I shall never be broke
From the gritty north side b and still I coped
Where the blocks so fizzy all they know is coke
MCs are going at me they can gimme a break
I copped a roley all gold I had to crip the face
And desperation might call
I see you on your face
I just turfed a deal you'd be dying to take
I guess I know my values plus I know my worth
And u don't have no values I could buy your worth
See for what its worth it ain't worth it
I'm in a different country we ain't on the same surface

So who's gullable surely not me
95% of gangster rappers I just don't believe
Look if u was shotting work and you was seeing Ps
Your videos would be at least in HD
You can fool the fool you just can't fool me
Two twos here's some advice for you dudes
If your rapping about someone you did stab or shoot
Your snitching on yourself the feds are on Youtube
Come off that
Let me get back to the facts
Race for the dream I refuse to get lapped
The comments don't affect me I'm just too thick skinned
I reinvent myself before I let you in
I will build a door before I let you in
Come on
Never mind me running just round getting mine
Respect is gonna cost I see you looking three stripes
I get paid to wear the trackies you buy
Bye Bye
I'm on a next flight where?
To a next place
Me na really sprint
I just set pace
And what's it gonna take to have you off my case
If you wasn't at the bottom I would put you in your place
You in my spot that's high hopes for you
If I don't hope for you there's no hope for you
I'm in your city with the curtains closed chauffer too
I got drive bys to chauffer too
If you don't get me you'l probably get me wrong
Like songs bars whatever don't test me don
These MC's can't even write their own songs
Everbodies biggest song is on someone elses song
Then every other year someone else is on
And some else is hot and someone else is gone
Basketball buzz I drop and bounce back G
I can't fear these spitters they just sound like me
Kill a chart
Kill a cypher
Kill a F64
Kill a Fire in the Booth
I can't kill anymore
Ill probably catch 25 before I reach 25
I can't wait for the day I'm sitting on 25
Mill that is I dream bigger than these brothers
Think that's why it is when these brothers isn't
Kidnapping rumours they circles around squares
Got the type of money that could have a n**** missing

Its funny how money changed the situation
Miscommunication leads to complication
And shouts to meek mills when your dream chasin
The people at the back love confrontation
Finsbury park to Tottenham Hale
Were my stations
And me Twiss and Dredd used to bump the train
No Victoria line
Me I made a lane
Take notes from my career and them keep the change
These kids can't test me I'm on my grown
I'm still with sammy I ain't on my own
If I wear red bottoms you won't even know
Cos you won't catch me in pictures tryna show my soles
CMAR we come and done the place
If the ice ever melts man a flood the place
Red white and blue diamonds me and wretch are the same
Yea we in the same chamber but ain't the same chain
I rap my friends sling either way we grindin
Dargs go hard with B like Jay they riders
Living that life certain brothers would die for
Would I throw it all away just to be with Aisha
I'm saying rum pa pa pum
Fire affy blaze until my life a go dun
See you might win some but you just lost one
Said you might win some but you just lost one

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