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One Piece

"Bon Voyage"

Bon Voyage! Aiming for the radiant light
The beacon we're heading for, that everlasting Sun
Let's go! Show the world the courage within our hearts!
I can see our ship forging into the future

[Verse 1]
Back when we set sail, everyone has drawn his own goal, the horizon he had imagined
But now we can all see through the same telescope
Fate is a ruthless compass forcing your heart into frenzy
I'll make sure I take it from your hands

[Hook 2]
Bon Voyage ! Leave behind the remains of our past;
I'm sure we can still laugh no matter what comes
If it were to make our dreams come true
I'll never regret those priceless tears I shed

[Verse 2]
We thought a bended mirror can't show us what tomorrow will bring, right?
Then why is sunshine reflecting from the choppy waves? Surely tomorrow will be a bright one?
I remember that day you splashed hard into the sea
I could see a rainbow pulsing in the showers, etched into the blue sky
Even that mysterious blue sky would flow with time and grieve
So if there's ever a day
We're lost without a way out, don't just give up!
For the answer is always there, shining inside your heart

Bon Voyage! The bottled letter riding on the roaring waves
That's our promise that will never fade
Let's go! We can do it with that courage in our very souls
This exact moment is just so precious to me
I can see our ship heading to a bright tomorrow

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