Freddie Gibbs


[Verse 1: Freddie Gibbs]
Uh, turnt up like Tony juggin' the speaker phones
f**k Sosa, b*t*h, I got soldiers and I put my people on

2009, a b*t*h food stamps what I was eatin' on
Got four-inch quarters, half-nine pieces on my Nokia phone
Squad, diamonds make haters stay on the job
Keepin' a baby .380 with me like Khaled stay with Asahd
Bump that poison poppy seed, the Afghani sh*t from the mob
You's a cartoon like Flip on the cover of Lucky Charms
Every mornin' I wake up with my daughter, Dora Explorer

Then I get right back to the pot
Kitchen stankin', that's potty trainin'

Murder note go to the muhf**kin' plaintiff at my arraignment
Keep the dead oppressors on green paper
f**k bein' famous, n***a

[Chorus: Anderson .Paak]
Ice will come with the fame
Flowers cover the grave
Power, love, and loyalty
Wash me clean today

[Verse 2: Freddie Gibbs]
Industry got you sleep but b*t*h I'm woke, I know the Devil
These n***as be fallin' off every day like Ace Hood Rollie bezel
n***as don't understand
That 360 mean a percentage of every income stream
That record ain't doin' no numbers
You trip on your management and your legal team
Uhh, I done been dropped before
Talked about and wrote off before
Heart on my sleeve and the ATF at my mama door
Mr. Mongol told me, "Freddie, fix up your posture, bro
Walk tall and never show n***as more than they gotta know"
Real Gs move in silence like Giannis
My Greek freak, we did a ménage with a friend in St. Thomas

From 50 karats in my pendant to change up the climate
We paint all the whips to cocaine white, decorate the garages
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