Fake Names - A COLORS SHOW lyrics

Freddie Gibbs

Yeah, yeah
Uh, yeah-yeah, uh
Mic check check check, yeah, uh
Mic check check check, yeah
Mic check check check, yeah, uh
I need a check, check, check
b*t*h, b*t*h, b*t*h, uh

sh*t's so real, gotta use fake names
Every time I sleep, dead faces, they occupy my brain
Erica said I never changed
It's the lifestyles of the insane

[Verse 1]
You was like a brother to me, no other to me
Swear I would tradе my life for yours, I knew you was f**king with me
Found somе n***as f**ked your wife and we put them b*t*hes to sleep
Ain't gon' say your government, I'ma call him by Ricky G
Now Ricky G, he had a cousin named Yella with bricks of yola
Had a Mexican that came 'cross the border from Arizona
They was getting sh*t for seventeen
Tossin' sh*t to me for twenty-eight
b*t*h go for thirty-one, I barely ate
Seen them n***as frown when I started breaking that sh*t down
Said I need more time with them chickens, I'm out here making rounds
Jealous n***as want they twenty-eight up front now
I bought all the damn clientele, we could have ran the town
But f**k it, you cut the price, then I fly to Phoenix
Said if you ain't copping like twenty, then, c*cksucker, beat it, yeah
They put Yella Boy on the evening news
Devil on my shoulder said, "f**k friends 'cause cash rules"

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