Vince Staples

"Snippet from Episode 01*"

Lyrics from Snippet

n***a, this Crip
n***a, this Crip
Yeah, n***a, this Crip
n***a don't miss
Yeah, n***a this crip (That's on a b*t*h, that's on the homies)
n***a, it's Crip
Yeah, n***a, this Crip
Yeah, n***a, this Crip

He was a opp, so we popped cuz
Had the vest, so we opened his top up
Scary movie, the feds had to mop up
Go jacuzzi with Uzis, you mark out
Pull up on him and show what that park 'bout
[?] I did that
Beat the case, got a [?]
Used to f**k on [?]
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