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Marvin Gaye

"Distant Lover (Live in Montreux 1980)"

Oh, it sounds so tender, yes it do
Lord have mercy
Well, well, well, well

Play it for me again, y'all
Play the introduction again, I ain't ready
Play it again, the introduction

Oh, when you lose the one you love
It's a cold hard feeling, baby
Lord have mercy
Well, I said a man ain't supposed to cry
But I lost my baby
And the tears start streaming from my eyes
Used to come home from work, go to my lonely room and say
"Baby, why did you leave me?"
Then sometimes I get overcome with emotion
And fall in pieces, "Why?" OW

[Verse 1]
Distant lover, lover (Lover, lover, lover)
Oh baby, so many miles away
Woo, Heaven knows that,that I long for you, baby
Every night (Every night)
Oh, sometimes I yearn through the day
Distant lover, woo (Lover, lover, lover)
You should think about me, Lord have mercy
Somebody say a prayer for me
Please, ah please, think about me sometimes, oh
Think about me here, here in misery, misery
Save me, baby

As I reminisce, baby
Through our joyful summer together
All the promises we made
All the daily letters
Then all of a sudden
Everything seemed to explode
Now, I gaze out my window
Darling, down a lonely road, ooh

[Verse 2]
Distant lover (Lover, lover, lover)
How can you treat my heart so mean and cruel all the time?
Every single moment, Lord have mercy, that I spent with you
I treasure it like it was a precious jewel
Save me, baby, Lord, help me, Lord

Oh, how could you leave me? Please don't go, oh
I said, ah baby, please come back, baby

Somethin' I wanna say
When you left you took all of me with you
Now I pray, Father
Does she wanna hear me plead, and scream, and get on my knees?
I don't know, please, oh please, come back
Oh, oh, oh baby, please, oh, ooh, come back home
Oh, yeah

Thank you

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