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Marvin Gaye

"Since I Had You (Live at the London Palladium, 1977)"

Thank you
Ah yeah, wonderful
(We love you) Thank you, I love you, too, love you, too, haha
You know, we generally like to show out the show after the first number with a big hello
Nice to see you, good evening
We're going to try and make you happy this evening
We're gonna do our very best, our very best, baby
We're gonna sing some of the old things, the new ones
Try to answer all the requests
I like that groove
Yeah, here's one from my very latest

[Verse 1]
This is the story of two lovers who shouldn't have been
They did their thing and went their separate ways again
Then by chance, they happen to meet at the neighborhood dance
Got that old feeling all over again
He said, "How much I've missed me since I had you?"
How much, ooh baby, how much?
Oh, I really wondered, ah baby
Wondered if you remember, baby
How good you made it to me, darling
Such a thrill
But it's been so hard since I had you, baby
Ah baby, come on, give me a break
'Cause it's been so hard since I had you, baby

[Verse 2]
My, oh, my eyes must look serious
'Cause when I look at you I get delirious, baby
Your voice sounds so serious
But since we're still friends
Let me make love to you again, baby

Don't make me wait
So hard since I had your sugar
Oh baby, don't make me wait
'Cause it's been so hard since I had you, baby

Ooh ooh, ooh ooh, oh, oh baby
Whoa, baby, still you look good
Sugar, you look so fine
Still I love you, baby

You know, I gotta tell you right now
I must've been a fool to have ever let you go
And I've been thinking about you hard, hard, hard ever since you've been gone
So glad to see you, baby
Let me take you home
Let me tell you how I feel about you, really, baby, oh

Since I had you, girl, I haven't wanted no other lover, ooh ooh
Since I had you, honey, there hasn't been no other lover, baby
No other lover, ooh, hoo
Since I dig your lovin', darling, I haven't wanted no other love
Since you socked it to me, baby, I ain't been no good for no other woman
Oh, since you came in
Since I had, since, baby, since I had your love

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