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Marvin Gaye

"Distant Lover (Live at the London Palladium, 1977)"

[Spoken Intro]
Well, it appears — yes, go ahead, Leslie, it's alright, I'm sure it is
To sing for you now a little bit of "Distant Lover"
I'm gonna sing a little bit of "Distant Lover" for you tonight
Baby, oh baby baby
Lord, when you lose the one you love, it's a cold, cold hard feeling
Whenever it come over a man
You see, a man ain't supposed to cry
When I lost my baby, hey, and I tried to be strong
Come home from work, baby, I had to face a lonely room
And the four walls began to close on me, all around me
And I began to think my baby, said, "Baby, why'd you leave me, baby?"
Well, and then, I didn't wanna cry, baby
I broke down on my knees and screamed "Oh baby, ahh"

[Verse 1]
Distant lover, lover (Lover, lover, lover)
Ooh, so many miles away
Please, Heaven knows that I long for you
Every night, every night, every night
And sometimes I yearn through the day
Distant lover, ooh, lover (Lover, lover, lover)
You should think about me
Say a prayer for me
Please, please, ah please
Think about me sometimes
Think about me here
Here in misery
Save me, baby, save me

As I reminisce through our joyful summer together
The promises we made, all the daily letters
Then, all of a sudden, everything seemed to explode
Now, I gaze out my window down a lonesome road, ooh

[Verse 2]
Distant lover, oh baby (Lover, lover, lover)
Oh, oh, how can you treat my heart so mean and cruel?
Didn't you know every moment that I spent with you
I treasure it like it was a precious jewel
Ooh, save me, baby, Lord have mercy

You see, you know, I said
Oh, I beg you, baby, baby, baby, please, don't leave me, don't go
I said, baby, come back, baby
Somethin' I wanna say
When you left you took all of me with you
Now baby, I wonder
Would it help if I pleaded and screamed, plead?
Well, please, oh please, come back home, girl
Ah baby, oh, oh baby, please, darlin', oh girl, woo
Come back home, home, home

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