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Son Lux

"Troubled World"

These are my father's children
Each one outshines the sun

[Verse 1]
It's still raining in Manhattan
Kinda funny, I'm the only person laughing
You think I'm saying sh*t to only get reactions
But these somersaulting words can't find their footing or their traction
I think this waters been poisoned 
Choose your colors, paint your flag and never hoist it
I can't recall the purposes of our voices
Rose petal/pedal to the meddling of solitary noises
Seventeen and still breathing
Vile bile; suck the venom out and tweet it
A flesh wound can be treated
But everybody stay seated, uh
f*ck real life just keep it distant
No f*cks to give when everything is instant
Lately I've been reminiscent
You can't play it back regress into an infant

If it's trouble that you want
It's trouble that you get
Give it a go
Give it a go
Do it alone, yeah
Done with the troubled world

[Hook: Son Lux & Boots]
Done with the troubled world
I'm done with the troubled world

[Verse 2]
My heart of love; no space
Full up; no chase
Pulled up; close race
Pale cheeks; ghost face
Dead Presidents; nation in  abode bag
Full coverage but get your own toe tag



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