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Son Lux


(Bridge: Ryan Lott)
Easy, easy
Pull out your heart to make the
Being alone
Easy, easy
Pull out your heart to make the
Being alone
Easy, easy

(Verse 1: Bryan & Ryan Lott)
Yeah a week from now - I'm turning twenty
Don't know where I'm going don't know where I'm headin'
But I know for a fact: nothing will be easy
Better pay attention now or stay sleeping
People been coming and people been going
I limit myself of the love that I'm showin'
I think that I'm better but don't even know it
My friends keep asking me what am I doing
Not how I am doing or something that's showing
The love and support that some people might have for me
Nobody knows bout the demons I'm battling
No one around me knows what's even happening (easy)
I am under constant stress - there's nothing I consider (easy)
Then I think of you and I start to shiver

(Bridge: Ryan Lott)
You break the bridle to make
Losing control
Easy, easy
Crushed what you're holding so you
Can say letting go is
Easy, easy

(Verse 2: Bryan)
An easy life - that's something that I never had
I spent the past night wishing for a better past
Need a moment to relax - why did it happen so fast
I would never wish for anyone to go through my past
Ah, some people say I'm doing it wrong (easy)
Some people want me to follow along
But they don't know where I wanna belong
So they judge and say I've never been strong
Angels and demons fighting on my shoulder
Inner peace I swear I've never been closer

(Bridge: Ryan Lott)
Burn all your things to make the
Fight to forget
Easy, oh, easy
Burn all your things to make the
Fight to forget
Easy, easy

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