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Killah Priest

"Track 17 - Freestyle By Killah Priest"

Killah messin round: Always n Foreva -- Yall thought y'all wasn't gon hear me?! I'm the ol' violent of dis sh*t
Knowwhatimsayin? Silent but violent, freddy krueger
Imma put yall n*ggas in ya place right now
Wu-Tang Clan always n foreva, can't forget tha royal fam
Let's do this sh*t, where u at Priest?

[Verse 1: Killah Priest]
I’m Triumphant!
Blow the trumpets, clear the circ*mference, Run for comfort, become hunted, who want it?
I take on 100's, I done done it ask you all!
I'll crack ya jaw, slam dunk ya like a basketball
Blow em up smack em up like it’s racquetball
I'm off the wall, once it's time for war
I stalk em like a dinosaur have they crew climb a wall
Watch the legend, rock the heavens
Stomp the ground crack the earth
Half a verse, is worse than afterbirth
I'll cast a curse, upon ya pastors church, Confessions
Watch this world vanish, before the faces of my bandits
Landed on this sick canvas, I Roam this dead planet head bandaged
Half brain damaged, insane preachin' god commandment, Y'all panic
Smackin’ tornadoes, drinkin’ lava from volcanoes, tha black holes as my navel!!!
I was raised dis way from the cradle, Braised like iron cables, related to the archangel Gabriel!!
Leavin’ earth-christ crippled, rip thru emcee like wet tissue
Bomb em like missile, leave they head chiseled
Put a hole through dey chest, make they body whistle (whew)
Then kiss you and say son I forgive You

Get ready for that united kingdom album, that sonz of man album, that killa priest album
Wu Tang Clan Album!
Freddy Krueger, Royal Fam!
Killah Army, knowimsayin, 97' Tony Touch

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