Protest The Hero


So how you f**king feeling tonight?
We’re (insert name here) from unimportant
And I’m about to mimic some image of a rock and roll singer I have under lock and key
Without the faintest hint of irony
That I’m flashing my pearly whites to sustain my mediocrity
So is everyone having a good time tonight?
Good, I’m glad (I couldn’t actually care less)
You guys are the best crowd that we’ve ever seen
Seen with these old dead eyes
Blind to the stage or even my own lies

So hey ho, let’s go. Let’s start this contemptible “rock” show
Blinding lights to hide the hand up our ass in this puppet-sock show
Two sewn on eyes, re-purposed and made new
Torn from an aging suit for a sense of déjà vu

Thumb under bite. I bite my f**king thumb
And hope you catch a thread, and slowly come undone

An illusion seldom spoken. An understanding between you and I
That the ground that you stand on is somehow less than mine
An allusion to a broken home
Left on the street and chilled to the bone

So hey, we still feeling good?
Now you comprehend our complex relationship—consumer/consumed
You’re just some stupid kid and I’m a megalomaniac
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