Tear Da Club Up Thugs
Undercover Freaks
[Intro: Too $hort]
Short Dog's in the house
You know it's the same all the way from Oakland to Memphis
Hoe's hella freaky man
But you know what
They always trying to front
Play the role like they ain't
But you know what baby you could be undercover with it
You know why?
Cause I know you a freak, beatch

[Verse 1: DJ Paul]
B*t*h call it quits and get the f**k out the line
Saw my viper, hit the salon and lost your mind
You come in T-shirt and jeans not really looking my best
Because the diamonds they grade and my presidential Rolex
Sending me gifts and sh*t trying to be my baby
Buying me mink's and sh*t trying to be my lady
Trying your best to make your way in my life
Take that mask off ho
You're undercover freaky for life
You sacrifice to get what you want you do what you gotta
What's the dilly young really you're the perfect man hader
Flag capper
A girl that used to be lazy
Officially turn me on my stomach and I damn near went crazy
I'm not the type and never been the kind to brag on my sex
I'm giving credit where credit is due, you damn near the best
I found out later that your game was strictly undercover
But found out early that your mouth do the best work under covers
[Hook: T-Rock] 2x
For those that be lying through they teeth I can see it
You claim you a virgin but you a freak and I can feel it
You play in the game were you get killed if you cheating
You after these pimp n***as (?)

[Verse 2: Lord Infamous]
B*t*h please, just think, concentrate before you complicate
Matters with that chitter-chatter
Your talents no challenge
I have mastered, can tell by the tension in your hands
From this back ma**age got you full of flog, round of applause
For this act, trust in my bed, think I misled
B*t*h I ain't heard much of what 'cha said, nympho
So I suppose ho
Under mirrors and smoke ho
We just a choke hold, just a deep throat ho
Out the truck
Busta see ya

[Verse 3: Juicy J]
An undercover on the dubba always trying to charge a brotha
Call me late night, spark a Philly
R-Kelly, I jack the brother
Coming from the pit of Memphis
Hypnotize medallion glisten
Ho don't play the role like you a (?)
Cause I know you trickin'
Check yo boy identify
The one that used to struggle stride
Leave, you need to check the ride
Fifty thousand round our sign
Businessmen not business junk
Break a case to keep 'em crunk
Heard my n***as run a train they said you funky like a skunk
Chorus (2x)

[Verse 4: Too $hort]
You know these hoe's don't phase
Never could play me
I got the game memorized from A to Z
Square a** ho, think I don't know
What 'cha, what 'cha gonna do when I close the door
Say no, I don't think so beatch
You know you all about that freaky sh*t
Never hesitate to make a n***a c*m
If you're anywhere around I know I'm gettin' some
That's the only way
Face on the mattress
Call me daddy while I hit it from the back b*t*h
Is she freaky
I'm f**kin' with her
Save that 4 corner sh*t for them other n***as
Actin' square, playin' the role
Knowin' you a average everyday ho
You need to stop tryin' to be sneaky
Cause all the homies already know you're freaky

Chorus (fade to next song)