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Murda Beatz



[Chorus: 6ix9ine]
She want me, I ain't want her, ooh
She want me to be her boo
You so silly, don't get it confused
Now turn around, drop it low, pick it up, ooh

Big bank, we gettin' paid over here
Broke n***as, go stand over there

Fake ass hoes, go meet 'em over there
Little booties, they matter over here
Now stop

[Verse 1: 6ix9ine]
Wait a minute, now I'm back at it
Back at it like a mothaf**kin' crack addict
Sex addict, I'm a mothaf**kin' sex addict
Hit shorty from the back, got her back crackin'
Back crackin', b-back crackin'
I love ho b*t*hes, that's my f**kin' problem
Yeah, I like to f**k hoes, I got a f**kin' problem

Bang, bang, bang and a chicken wing, b*t*h
Yeah, I know you love how I put it down, b*t*h
Drop down and pick your weave up, girl
Drop down and get your Eagle on, girl

Head downtown and pick the eaters up, girl
You know them chicken-heads eat it up, girl
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