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"Lunch Money"

[Verse 1:]
Mama playing hide-and-seek with the rent
Long month, short [noodle?] but she sings when she vents
She don't vent very often, most as oft as she prays
Not a song about b*t*hing, a song to relate
'Cause these days we doing better than the yesterdays, thanks
It gave appreciation, and plus it gave me patience for grace
'Cause without an omega, I doubt that y'all a' heard of me
She taught me hope, my brothers taught me jokes through adversity
I used to sit a baby, b*t*hing how I hate peas
Mama dropped respect to catch [election?], catch a lesson on Haiti
Whoever saying [be in sports will bless?] is crazy
Sometimes I even miss it, flipping powdered milk and trying to make cream
But coffee creamer floats, yo, [get it most, maybe dope?]
Ghost like the nose on the Tasty-O's box
Sharing skates, but now I'm doing radio drops
God must have saved me, 'cause now I sing "it's gravy though, pops"
We came a long way, it's crazy, it made us stress-proof
I mean, we still catch stresses, still know that there's a heaven
[Normal stages?] was an angel sent and butter - a blessing
A lesson: "love thy neighbor", straight from Scripture manifested
Learn to count them on a thousand hands, it's how to stay humble
It's something real that most don't have of learning love through the struggle
So now I give it 'cause I got it, a gift [and hung low?]
For those who feel just like I felt, ain't no light in they tunnel
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