Automaton (Four Tet Remix)
[Verse 1: Cise Star]
Tanks rolling through the city, misery inclining
Planes speeding overhead, bombs through your climate
Rushing to destruction with apocalypse now
Guns in the rice sack, Lucifer coming down
What happened to the memo?
Got damn, you hear the missile?
Whistling Dixie tipsy instrumental
Hello. Meet the pusher—my name is pestilence
Death on the pale horse—hope is so irrelevant
Get to the picture. Hellholes opening—Enter
Brimstone filling the air, build the temple
Sacrifice life, enter the Antichrist
Enter the gigabyte, super computer right
Scan ya barcodes. Slave to your bravado
Dōmo arigatō, Mr. Roboto
Ordering love online with good credit
Don't wanna hear people, so leave a text message
Behold a pale horse. Come on—isn't it beautiful?
Let's ride 'til we die 'cause death is so suitable
They jumping off a cliff, so damn, I want to do it too
F**k my name—from now on, I'm number thirty two
Dash six seven o nine wrapped in cellophane
Cell phone glued to my head—speed dial my brain

[Bridge: Sample from Suicide Club]
死ぬぅ〜? なおこ〜♪ 死ぬのかお前も! 死ぬぞ〜♪ お前も死ね♪

[Hook: Cise Star] (x2)
Hello, meet the automatons
Humanoid beings that do whatever you want 'em to
Xerox copy of living is so true to them
That's all they know
That's all they know
That's all they know

[Bridge 2: Cise Star]
'Cause clever ring tones define me
Clever ring tones define me (x3)

[Verse 2: Cise Star]
Dead roses presented 'til wastelands are frozen
Hello, mother nature. Raped ya—death is chosen
Push the b***on, glutton, 'cause something's got to give
F**k social security—nothing left for kids
You peeing on my leg and telling me that's it’s raining
Tune in at seven. Pain is entertainment
Put on my red tie and have a power lunch
F**k the fundraiser meeting at Starbucks
And uhhh...

[Verse 3: Akin]
Shaking shackles off, run marathons with my ankles all
Twisted in this jigsaw puzzle. Can you put your-
Self at the realm? I'm like Jesse at the helm
Throw speech on the podium while trooping like Napoleon
One hand on my belly not
Cowboy hat, n***a. Word, might lick shot—Marcus on the chariot
Red, black, and green
Supa dupa man fight machine
Gun zap your team right back to once upon a...
Snap out of it