Uh, yeah

My innocence all gone
Equipped with a shot gun, wait for the Nirvana
Cross both palms and cover my bruised armor
Let out an “Our Father” where I lie fallen
Give me some space, I'ma star child
It was unplanned like wild flower
So what’s the plan before the sand fall?
Got the hourglass in my hand while I wait till Armageddon makes landfall
Hold up, I gotta show up, shut up, gotta meet my quota
Ray Liotta fella in my coat if you turn to informant
My orders clear, won't sugarcoat it
Blowing marijuana, feeling dormant
And stoned enough to bear with cold porridge
I had to bare my fangs to give these b*t*hes forewarning
You think you hot as f**k until you feel that cold shoulder
You say ya sees something, well my Bs swarm you
Then leave a sting that bleeds warmer than a seat-warmer
Pouring like Andrew in ‘92
I lost sight of everything I knew, including you
If I was him, I wouldn't mind you too
I understand why I’m a fool
I know now I couldn't be the man I promised you
Learned my lesson the hard way
I had to watch my mood like all day
You catch me crying, f**k it, that's always/
Been dealin' with growing pains since my birth date
Should've done it right in the first place
Way I see it, I lost you but I'm still gon' end up in first place
Last time I checked, my energy investments pay me back
And if you attempt to come correct it like it's wrong, you wack
I just cut the slack, you get a break and see how I react
Point your f**kin’ finger anywhere my name is on the map
I just want a plaque, another plaque, to sit with all my plaques
Feelin’ like Khalid
Much dank, check the smoke, see it's all valid
And know this sh*t has been established
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