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"Snake, Are You Okay?!"

Uh, yah, baby girl blow like whistle
My flow so sick that you might need tissue
Your ex-man left you, that's not my issue
Uh, yah, my flow's on time, on schedule
Your n*ggas want talk like b*tches, I feel you
I'm blowing on loud, man, I cannot hear you
Uh, yah, you pose no threat, I can't fear you
I field that sh*t like a field goal kicker
Your main b*tch left, man, I'm sorry, just missed her
Uh, yah, I'm throwing up hard brown liquor
I'm breaking up blue cheese in two Swishers
You feel that breeze when them things just miss you
Better yet, feel the pain when it hit you
Nice coffin, I know that it fits you
Death like your best friend, it just gets you
And it's rough to the touch like a bristle
I can't pretend I f*ck with you
And I laugh at the fact that you think so
Stunt like Wee Man, one minute gets you
And I'm everywhere like Black Zetsu
I'm in the paint like Waka Flame
Flow is so wet, it could start the rain
I'm in the walls where the blocks decay
I'm in the picture, you cut out the frame
Go say his name, bet that boy look ashamed
How I do better than him in his state?
Leaving that b*tch and she want me to stay
Night after night, I keep making my day
Give it in cash, I'm talkin' my pay
Blowing on grass, it smell like haze
The way that we balled, it's no toupe
The flow is like water boy, Bobby Bushay
I'm charging this sh*t to the game
I didn't do rapping for fortune and fame
I did it because if I didn't, I would be insane
I know I would do it again
I'm so up ahead 'cause this b*tch steady giving me brain
I love how she pull on my mane
Lying if I said that I wouldn't do it again
It's worth everything that I gain, huh
I'm in my own damn lane
Y'all n*ggas insane if you think that sh*t changed, uh
I just bought a quarter, you just carry change
We wetting you up like stains, uh
Why cover my face with a mask like Bane?
I want them to know it was me, huh
I'm pressing that sh*t to his head, it go bang
I'm leaving his torso and frame, huh
I don't give a f*ck 'bout your claims or a fade
I'm knocking you out, stop playing, huh
That boy wanna talk like a b*tch, what he saying?
Then get on your knees, start praying, huh

Yah, uh
Yah, uh, b*tch

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