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"2 Minute Freestyle"

Yeah, yeah

Did what I had to do, collected capital
Even had traveled through hazardous avenues
Brand new attitude, who could be mad at you?
Everyone else in the scene couldn't manage you
Too many jabs to the spleen of establishment (Damn)
It will be stupid to battle him
Sharp like a javelin, sticks like a Cattleman
Too many soldiers around you in bandages
Wrap like a f*ckin' burrito, we savages
Shoot like a f*ckin' torpedo, you bad at this
Long year at war and it ended unanimous
Uh, ah, stop right here, the best of our time and it prove sincere
You just comin' out like Lil Nas this year
Your b*tch wanna suck on the di*k, that's clear
I f*ck on her, fine, then it's bye-bye, dear
What more can I gain? It's a spotlight year
The fortune and fame, this a sideline gig
You know I came up off a Rob like Big
I did my dirt at the time I dig
And bury the people I kill like p*ss
I'm shootin' this blood like an alcohol swig
Then we pull back the cap and start peelin' his wig
Bend that lil' b*tch like an iPhone 6
Then hit my e-mail like what I'm gon' get?
My girl is a ten like an iPhone X
The clip lookin' longer than my whole di*k
I come on yo' block, the shotty gon' rip
I empty a Glock, then f*ck up yo' whip
A corpse is a stop, the nightlight tip
It's low like a whisper, quiet as sh*t
You can get rocked like the Misfits, ayy
I'm on the top like additions, ayy
This sh*t a wrap like Christmas, ayy
Flow is so sick like it's syphilis, ayy
Enemies playback my disses, ayy
Then they just go and dismiss it, ayy
Hope you live short like a midget, ayy
Locked in the bars like it's prison, ayy
She good with the brain like she studied at Princeton
Connectin' these words so the audience listen
The mof*ckin' glacier look cold and it glisten
The game kinda pus*y so I get to fistin'
I'm on my job where you couldn't apply
Gettin' so high, I just sit in the sky
Do it or die, either live or you lie
The bridge between death is the blink of an eye
Pole give me range like a 9-iron
Disrespect me, get beat with a tire iron
Feel my pulse, you can tell I'm alive, wire
Best Buy drugs, I got tech and we mild high
I'm the mof*ckin' GOAT and you not, lie
pus*y n*gga should stop or we'll try fire
That's a reason why I been like an outlier
Outlivin' artists that's been in your top five, sike, hah

Hah, yeah, huh, hah, hahaha (Yah, yah, yah, yah)
Hyeah, uh, huh, uh, huh, hahahayeah (Yah, yah, yah, yah, uh)
The mof*ckin' GOAT, yah, uh (Thought I wasn't the GOAT?)
The mof*ckin' GOAT, uh, yah (n*ggas really thought I wasn't the GOAT)
Fukkit, yeah, uh
The mof*ckin' GOAT (How bout' now? Idiot)
The mof*ckin', Metal Gear Solid reference right there b*tch, hahah
Snake, are you okay?!

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