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Okay, okay
(Ayy,  man, we out here f*ckin' juggin' and finessin')
Ayy,  okay, okay
(I'm out here f*ckin' a hunnid-and-fifty strippers tonight, man)
Ayy, okay, okay, yuh
(Countin'  a hundred-and-fifty in singles)
Ayy,  okay, okay
(I'm throwing dimes at the strippers, no bullsh*t)
(We  out here juggin', finessin')
Okay, okay, ayy
(I weigh a hundred-and-fifty pounds in sex)
Okay, okay, hol' up
(Yo'  momma f*ck me good, straight up, woo!)

Juggin', finessin', I smoke on that pack
And we get it right back in a second (Woo!)
To dem n*ggas talkin', I do not hear what you are sayin'
My [?], my b*tch hella faded
I was the man with the plan
At the start of the year, my OG n*ggas made it back
When I thinkin' 'bout flexing my side of the story
I thought, let me save it for later
f*ckin' yo' b*tch, now she c*mmin', bing
Smokin' on green like that cabbage patch (Bing)
Back-to-back burnin' [?], ride in the Cadillac
Snap on the track in next hour, pass (Bing, bing, bing)
I can the money stackin' up, and it's right 'round the corner
Took a shortcut just to get there before 'em
My life been crazy but
As of lately, I been dyin' of boredom
I need that cash, seven zeros on the check
All of your b*tchs gave me neck
I'm on top of my [?]
[?] your b*tch for my benefit
Bend that b*tch, you won't get none of my sentiment
I be rollin', amigo
Smokin' dope right outside of the store
Live it like f*ck it, my n*gga, we dyin' soon anyway
Anyday, I'm 'bout to make it, that's Hennyway
Anyway, I been back and forth and back again
Died but I'm back again, died but I resurrect
Heaven-sent n*gga, I swear to God
When I leave Earth in the coffin, I ain't comin' back again
[?], that's how I do it
Confuse yo' b*tch 'cause she hella stupid
I'm real-ass n*gga, you know I do it
You know I do it, ayy, you know I do it, flexing on 'em

One time, n*gga

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