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Yeah, uh

Much like a telescope, watching me close
We find [?], no cutting yo' throat
I ball like a janitor, cleaner than soap
My tribe like the Seminoles, yeah, we want smoke
Cop me an edible, watch how I float
These n*ggas want damage, receiving, unload
Droppin' the two in the liter, what for?
They love how I drip like some lean when it pour
Rock to yo’ face and that sh*t catapult
My b*tch is Caucasian, she whiter than coke
My new b*tch a Asian, we chop it up slow
My music a drug, you can tell that it’s dope
This maniac depression is just how I cope
I used to have dreams about dying alone
And now I realize that’s the life that I chose
Better yet, maybe I don’t even know
I smile like a prick ‘cause I roll like a stone
So don’t get run over from tryna go prone
These n*ggas stay lying ‘bout having a home
I been a nomad since the day I was born
Just call myself Fukkit in case I do porn
I’m high in the clouds, when I rain it’s a storm
If the b*tch wanna f*ck me I turn to a whore
Grew out my dirt, I was planted in soil
You smokin’ BP, b*tch, you smokin’ on oil
Take a TV like I’m Teejay, I stole it
Rewire the code and remote the controller
My weed kinda stank, it smell like body odor
You say you get money, still drive a Toyota
Blunt is a [?], [?]
I drop like a bomb till it blow like a motor
n*ggas my sons but I want me a daughter
Too busy with music to become a father
But she want a baby with all of her problems
‘Cause I got the bread and the money to solve it
Blow with the beef, we not finna squash it
Come with the heat, like Wayne and [?]
sh*t ain’t complete, so why you responding?
Paper in hand, like news corespondent
I’m with the plug, he not finna charge it
b*tch, I’m still hungry but never be starving
Stay in the room with yo’ head down like Marvin
Live from the jungle, not talkin’ ‘bout Tarzan
[?], I’m not talkin’ guitar, man
Feed you some pills till you die from the bar, Xan
I got some drink but ain’t been to the bar yet
Price like a rapper, he turn to a target, huh

Yeah, uh
Price like a rapper, he turn to a target
b*tch [?] Fukkit, they know he the smartest
And he work the hardest
Heh, he do (Hah), yeah, he knew (Fluss)
Yeah, who you? (Haha) b*tch (Haha), who you? (Haha)
Yeah (Yeah), who is you?
Uh, yeah, Fukkit

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