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This a DJ Fukkit exclusive, b*tch
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

Stomp on the curb, then we execute
Flow is a shock, it electrocute
New b*tch on my di*k and she extra cute
These labels look stupid investin' in you
I'm taxing yo' head, it's interestin' to you
Lemonade-yellow chain like a damn Pikachu
[?] that can peek-a-boo
Then kicked in yo' face, in a box like a shoe
[?] my drugs, [?]
Wake off of this music, I sleep in the stu'
I step on his flow, then I'm wiping off poop
Uh, n*gga fly like pelicans do
I'm high on the rise like a Jefferson do
We come ringing your bell like it's Mexican food
[?], beat that sh*t soon
You live in the trash like a damn raccoon
The clip go bananas like damn baboons
Smoking that surf, you should pass that soon
I hold me a bat, man, like Ra's al Ghul
Keep me a stick, not no damn bamboo
I flooded the pus*y, I'm finna c*m soon
We making a movie, that sh*t coming soon
Your parents, they don't let that boy in the room
You way too old for that bullsh*t my dude
She still wanna f*ck and it's past her curfew
I shouldn't be driving, had more than a few
She ride like a stallion, no Megan [?]
I blame Jimmy Fallon, don't talk to no suit
And the flow finna change, why I locked it up safe
Like a condom, mane, no need to pull out
And my di*k in her mouth, she gon' see her way out
On the drop when she gon' need to pull out, uh
Rack after rack and stack up in the bank
I'm on the run like that boy Tom Hanks
Shootin' missles, watch it blast like a tank
Titanic ice cold, wet like a sink, okay
It drip like the womb when it bleed
Wrap you up like sarcophagus if it's a need
Leave my kids in her mouth, my di*k grow like a seed
I been up on my [?], they still usin' indeed
Ain't no need for Thanksgiving, I [?] feast
I don't like how they talk and so watch how you speak, uh
And you first to sit down like a seat
Lil' b*tch is a vegan but swallow my meat
We smoking this green a vegetable, see
Keep pourin' that syrup, won't end up sweet
But that sh*t ain't happenin' as we speak, okay

Yeah, uh, okay
Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay
Yeah, yah, okay
Yeah, I'm smokin' this cookie inside of the bay
I'm smokin' this cookie inside of the bay (Yeah)
I finger yo' b*tch, she wet like a lake
I finger yo' b*tch and she wet like a lake (Lake, lake, lake), huh

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