Ha, ha, ha
He like
Some call me an icon (Fukk)
They do they do (Um)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, b*t*h

Some call me an icon
If you play then we spinnin' his block like an iPod
Pullin' strings like nylon
Get the picture, I'm shooting this clip like Nikon
In her mouth like a [?]
And my d**k like a snake, got a grip like a python
On the pole what she slide on
This a fang got a laser so bullets you bite on
She wan' f**k with the light on
[?] but like how I feel right on
There's no tellin' what I'm on
You wanted some beef, I let bygones by bygonеs
On this [?] you bite on
You not the main squeeze but you morе like a sidearm
Going deep in her guts, guts
I shoot never miss when I reload my sidearm
Oh (b*t*h, b*t*h)

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