[Verse 1: Fukkit]
(missing lyrics)

[Verse 2: Ski Mask the Slump God]
Where them b*t*hes? Said they comin' man (Damn)
Crash that pu**y, I'm a dummy man (Skrt)
Presidential, we republican (Ah)
Hannah Montana, my rubber band (Slat)
f**k that lil' b*t*h by the boat (Suck it)
Hit my gas once, and he choked (Gas)
My clip so long, like a throat
My clip so long, like a throat (Ace Banks on the track!)
Hoppin' on a black and white panda (Panda)
Destination: to a dirty dancin' dancer (Hey)
I am the number one contender
Suck that venom when I give her anaconda (Damn)
Diamonds dancin' like a mother f**kin' prancer (Shine)
Lookin' crazy when I pull up on a zebra (What)
Free Gucci, and shout out to my Sativa (Yeah)
They smokin' ground, like a God, damn beaver (Damn)
Beat a n***a, hit a n***a with a cleaver (Get it)
Vegetarian b*t*h, I'm tryna' meat her (Get it)
Learn the b*t*h, d**k a b*t*h up in the tele' (Okay)
Pour the Henny, lookin' like a pretty penny (Pretty penny)
Okay, so they p*ssed, R. Kelly (Okay)
Keep my money tall, call me Wizard Kelly
100 units, spread 'em bullets, like jelly (Like jelly)
Ski done went and peanut on that b*t*h belly (Ace Banks on the track!)

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