Nasty Bonanza lyrics

Nasty Jack

[Intro: Hyper]
This one's the Nasty Bonanza
The one you've all been waiting for
Out to all the true thugs
Out to everyone
North, South, East, West
It's on

[Verse 1: Hyper]
Don't let me draw my firearms
Clap will leave your side with no arms
No face back and no garms
Four fizz held in both palms
Has a mad kick on it just like a horse from [?] Farm
Heads get split from close range, you see me?
I ain't afraid to give a man a boat change
Unrecognisable, that's how I'll leave you
There's a preview, I'll leave your torso see-through

[Verse 2: Demon]
If you ever try a ting, you will get bare thumps
And I'm all up in your face like razor bumps
I can kick it old school like Reebok Pumps
In a mic fight, you will get blazed like blunts
My bars are better than all you c**ts
I'm like 50, I can show you how to stunt
Ask your girl, I showed her how to romp
You've got no dough and you still try to front, you c**t

[Verse 3: Ghetto]
Sending for me? That's risky business
I'm up all night like frisky listeners
Writing for those who think they can diss this
Diss this and get where? I don't know what you think, prick
But you better know that I think sick
I've been a badboy ever since six
You're not real, but n***a, I am
Don't think you're a killa like Cam because you wear [?]

[Verse 4: Lightnin]
You can't f**k with Lights
'Cause I'll knock your lights out
I'll make you wear tights out on road
It's Lights, you don't wanna f**k with Lights
'Cause if you f**k with Lights, I'll knock your lights out
Change my mind and take your girl for a night out
We'll be f**king the whole of the night out

[Verse 5: Big Seac]
Yeah, why you bringing it to me?
You don't really wanna be swinging it with me
Big Seac, nah, not winning it with Seac
Uppercut jab when I kick out your tooth
You think you're bringing it here?
You don't really wanna be swinging it here
Big Seac, nah, not winning in here
Uppercut jab, get left right there

[Verse 6: Stormin]
You can send for me but I'm not having it
Try a ting, then I'll be jabbing it
When you spray, you're always swag, innit
Know that is it
When I see your face, I'll be grabbing it
Or I might be stabbing it 'cause
You're always faking it
And if you got dough then I'm taking it

[Verse 7: Nasty Jack]
I don't think you really wanna go there
Kick back bro
Nasty Jack don't pet, I'll take your H to the Os
And if I don't like you and I like your girl
Then I'll let you know
And I'll smash these MCs
Some talk mess but they get exposed

[Verse 8: Marci Phonix]
Marci Phon on beat
The song [?]
I'm new to the street like [?]
Shot Os like popular beat
I'm the new boy, boss in the street
[?] my boys on the beat
Who's not ready for the D-O-N?
Got ravers bopping to me

[Verse 9: Hitman Tiga]
You're not [?]
So why you talking like you're from New York?
Move over, fake gangster, move over
We're the new pork, you're the old swine
Move over, don't try a next, move over
Don't wanna get me vexed, move over
If you see me in Rex, move over
Down the streets in North West, move over

[Verse 10: Hypa Fen]
You dyslexic prick
You can't even string two words together
You ain't got a brain, you're far from clever
You won't ever get it past one round
You [?] up and down
[?] I spray like giraffes
'Bout swagger, sound swagger
You're a f**king retard

[Verse 11: Sharky P]
Right now, it's murking season
No time for rhyme and reason
Cut heads off, hands and feet
And bury these MCs six feet deep
I was born in the dark west dungeon
Got trained, now my sword is lunging
You don't wanna be the fool I'm grunging
I'll serve MCs like luncheon

[Outro: Hyper]
Yeah, yeah
So there it is
The Nasty Bonanza
Out to Agent X on production
Out to all the N.A.S.T.Y mandem repping on this
We're looking for pay cheques now
You know how we do
N.A.S.T.Y Crew

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