"I cant sleep its 5:52am"

I get suicidal in my head
Its annoying cause
I can't tell anybody about it
I just stay in my bed
Is it something a said
Somedays I think I'll be better of dead
This sh*ts so annoying
Always this drama
Until I told you
Your listen your alI had
When you were layin in my bed
I get so much anxiety I want this sh*t to end
Everyday and every night
I wanna know if your a friend
And I can't change my ?
Just give me a reason
She say shes a reject
I said I my need it
Text your stupid friends
And you bet I won't read it
Told you I'll beat it
Told you I'll beat it
Told you I'll beat it
Why you treat me like that its so unfair
[?} welI don't care
You always fight back and pull my hair
[?] ITSOKTOCRY if you wan't to
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