Cruel Santino
(Verse One Ozzy B)
Bad girl with the bigger bum bum
Me strong just like bam bam
She dance up and down to the waves of beat Rude girl ya rapampam
Sister Nancy Water bam bam
You come dance where you bum bum
She a girl for the team She come for the D She don't care where ya come from
They call me Mr bomba The bills
The money that me ah launder
The chill That body that me a conquer
You feel.the need to be given bomba
You come dance in a concert We grind You booty on my bumper
You find the thing that you really want her Your wine Sweet like a willy wonka

(Verse Two Yung)
You so exotic
When you doing those moves you so erotic
Got a man dreaming thinking about your body
Make my eye wanna pop out of its socket
What's a trend to a trending topic
Baby stop it
We the the topic of the new school and the news when we moving baby
You make me wanna sit back kick back I think that I love it how you moving baby
You know a n***a groovy baby
You don't know what you doing baby
You got a n***a drooling baby
I be sweating but I'm cooling baby
She told me do it like you do it to me
I love it when push it in I wish that I could glue you to me
I really wanna get in so smack it when you move it to me
Prove it to me
So I gotta beat it up and when
I'm done ima eat it up

You dont know what you do to me
I'm tryna work you like a nine to five
And get you down like you should with me
Wanna know if you can give it to me
I've been tryna call your a** why won't you pick up
Said i said even want your a** no more(3ce)
Better yet i do
Cuz you so fine girl you so fine you so fine girl
She told me do it like you do it to me