Cruel Santino
Cocaine Flow
Last Girl I Dated Told me to take a hike
Hopped in a Limo She took a bike
You wayne bridge I took your wife
He called u his heart I guess I took his life
Might tell you I love u Might tell u I need ya
My n***as know better I just wana eat u
They say I'm jonzing now, boy I'm making hits
Call u Rafa benitez you taking hints
God in heaven the devil right beside me
Telling me she love my suit. She tryna style me
Shooting subs boy we pulling dubs
You on twitter Homegirl Go do your chores
Amateurs What u braggin for
In the same race What u laggin for
When I'm laggin boy I mean lagerfield
Tell ma I'm coming home with a bag of bills
I've dated liars I've dated ho's
She call me messiah She holding my robe
Gucci for breakfast, Loui for dinner
Should be in church But I'm with Stacy Mehn I'm such a sinner
Giwa Giwaa- My n***a for realer
Make a mill in the night Spend it on a stripper
In a couple years I build a house up on the island
She wana take a ride I'm like nah baby we flyin
Balling with the b*t*hes Boy its and Give and go ever
Flow cold Homie where my X and O sweater
U shulda known better Underdog fellas
Told me she's trouble I went ahead to get her

Too Fly for heavens sake
I be getting all the ho's that your finna date
I'm just tryna make money, Tryna live good
Show stopping b*t*h by the side Call her D.Woods
What we doing mehn Let's go do some hilfigger
But he racist Oscar la renta be the real n***a
I'm the truth So I gotta spill n***a
White suit Black b*t*h Now that's what u call a real n***a
She love me right She love me not
But I got swag When I see her f**k on the spot
I don't trust women They all know
Maybe because all my ex women Were all ho's
So we got new clothes, we got new ho's
I'm a boss I give my haters new woes
She all on twitter Saying she don't give a f**k
She in my dm's and she telling me she down to f**k
Back when Then I played my track then
They say I was wack mehn Now they wana act friends
Back then I had to tie my shoe lace
But now there gucci With a thousand dollars on that shoe case
I'm just tryna grind Kick and push Word to lupe
Money loud Speak up I don't hear what u say
Just had a meeting with your girl Damn I forgot to zip up
Change the loui bag Cuz the money fit up
That's my woman Bruh Don't tell me that she look good
Don't ask her for her name Don't tell me that she smell good
She f**ked my best friend I ain't even mad
I f**ked her best friend Now she getting mad
She f**ked my other friend I f**ked her other friend
Now she looking at me Ozzy why can't we be friends
Too much money Can never kill ya
Cocaine flow Homie I don't feel ya