Cruel Santino
Confessions Of a Young Girl
Shawty got a hold
While I look in her eyes all I see is broken dreams)
Confessions beginning
She say she no be lady
This type I never see
She whine up and down
Just move round the floor
This girl got a hold on me
I tell her baby Can you come home with me?
She look in my eyes. Then she decides and tells me. Its not for free
Wada dada
Shorty got a hold on me
Look in her eyes. Look in her eye. All I see is broken dreams

Bridge : Prost**ute to the whole town but she's a virgin to me

Verse : Whine for me. Smoke for my sins
Get high for me
I'm the girl. Mum warned you about
So you better run from me
And all these wana come to me
Big bad wolf. So they run to me
But they don't know. You the one with the crown
And you took the best of me
Two years ago. You were my queen
I used to watch you come down from a mans limousine
I gave you love. You took my soul
When you hear this song, girl my darling I hope you know

Girl I just want know
Young girl don't learn. Young girl don't learn

This world is dangerous. It ain't safe for the two of us
The world is crazy girl. They don't know what to do with us