Cruel Santino
Spark It Up
Where my suit at Mehn I'm running late
Bad girls don't f**k They fornicate
With a bad b*t*h You think I'm on a date
Like the first day of school
I'm never coming late
I walk alone I'm on my own jays
Special edition with a dope fade
Girl don't feel sh*t Honey cocaine
Slickback where my motherf**king gold chain
Dope game Where my stylist
Bout to blow So I'm on that no fly list
I spit Haters die quick
Say I stink But the girls want my sh*t
F**k the days Where a n***a eat cold food
Eat a black b*t*h Call that soul food
Ever met a girl That only wants gucci
Everything fashion My d***** bag loui
Scouting for the girls Got a mad eye moody
They say I'm a case Might as well f**king sue me
Belluci Whole room smelling like booty
Chilling with your girl Doing your duty

2nd verse
Her mom kinda hot So I got her
Her daugher kinda pretty So I got her
Her moms mum hot So I got her
Damn That's make me a grand motherf**ker
Girl go down No hands on a brother
Shorty finna blow Taliban on a brother
Hit her in on the first day Now she calling me her lover
Never f**king out the sheets My love undercover
Fresh out Boy I'm Mcdaddy tush
Smoking that marley, call it that grand daddy kush
Mayweather money Now the girls wana push
Now they call me Money king Got me feeling like a crook
Recognise the voice She don't even have to look
Revolutionary flow Never played it by the books
Now we getting real money Never let her steal from me
Now she looking aguliera With them fendi heels honey
N***a sign the gaddamn cheques
Back then all we got was the background checks
Never f**k a girl without a background check
Been livin lowkey time to madman flex
Getting money n***a f**k you
A b*t*h and a blunt Meant I'm on two
If you ain't talking money then you long too
My eyes steady looking like john woo