Cruel Santino
Models And Monsters
Thousand dollars for the jeans
Shorty a** supreme too bad she never made it to the team
Her backside bring out the beast
That wake up the streets
That puts all the dogs on the heat
Clap for jesus now ok Clap for jesus
She looking for her life
She tryna find the pieces
She had it all Young life of a mistress
She Party with the riches
Ain't worried about her fitness
Me a grown Man Baby me can't wait
Time to Go We 2 hours late
She wana do coke and have sex
While I do mad songs and cash cheques
She wana f**k me
To the sounds of gwen stefani
My suit on Tony sipriani
Do it in the car like starsky and hutch
We hold london town
Shout outs my n***a wami
I switch it back Boy watchu looking at
That booty bad
But I don't want what fela kuti had
That gucci bag
Will you get you fifty bags n the downtown road
Where the young girls moan for that gucci bag
And its ironic You Living like you on it
Forgeting the f**king roots
Money became became object
Sold her soul in the city she didn't make no profit
All Turned into ashes No money for a coffin Lock it !