Cruel Santino
[Intro: Cruel Santino]
Le Mav
We can get stronger, faster tonight

[Verse 1: Cruel Santino]
We were doing all types of sh*t
Now I'm in the corner with a psychic b*t*h
We got dragons and monsters I like that sh*t
This life is funny
McFigure when I bring out the fudge
Don’t trust her, she is too sussy
OT, OT she sussy
I know she slay like Buffy
Man the game so deep I love it
Don't trust her, she is too sussy
OT, OT she sussy
I never trust any girl I’m like that
When she telling my T, I never fight back
Sus, sus, sus, sus, sus
Sus, sus, sus, sus, sus

[Verse 2: Maison2500]
(Phew, phew, phew, psst)
(Oh, Oh yeah)
2500 can't lose (Cha-ching)
Came in that b*t*h with some drugs
Slapping that b*t*h with some funds (Yeah)
What? (Yeah, aye, yeah)
Maison Margiela my shoes
Money came in, she came with a tool
That money came in, she love how I move (Psst)
What? (Yeah, aye, yeah)
Came from the bottom, I'm on the tally
My whip exotic, smoking exotic
Huh (Huh? Yeah)
Hit the back, came in, d**k better enlarge it
I'm beat the pain, my lit was a charger (Huh)
I'm with the pain, uh, still loyal

The Pearls; one can only imagine what I will do with all that power. I guess we’ll find out
Amuri, was finally developing skills in order to become a full fledged Subaru Boy. Catch you in the next episode
Subaru Boys