Cruel Santino
[Verse 1: Cruel Santino]
Shorty use her feet and stamp (Stamp stamp stamp stamp)
Collector she don't want tease her pam pam (Pam pam pam pam)
I rate her, any man ah chiga we ah slam (Slam slam slam slam)
The Slater come give me that kush ganjaman (Man man man man)
Like disciple shorty use her feet and stamp (Stamp stamp stamp stamp)
In the cycle n***as think they bigger than Pac
Ain't no lie yeh, play the game you beat it and stop (Stop stop stop stop)
World eye, that's the monster gun shot
Me suffer, the wicked wanna see the man down
Me nah fall (Fall fall), on your mark, come face the bеast firm and proper (Proper)
Now we wеave all the bullet that they shoot from afar (Far far)
Santino be the chosen one
Nah free the other man

[Bridge: Cruel Santino]
Kinda cold in the block but we hot boy
Took a deal six figures boy I'm out boy (Yeah yeah)
Santino with the dance I got the pop boy
Now we making all the moves I need to stop boy
She said Santi how could you learn
I kissed her, finessed her took off with the bands
The Carter, the shorter, big money
Santi lowkey how could you learn

[Verse 2: Koffee]
Aye Santi say you a deadman
(Yeah oh sey) Deadman
Aye Santi this ain't watchu said man
We're past sticky situation
See how far we go wit da ray gun (Yeah)
Pull up on you congratulations
Deadman (yeah), dead (Yeah)
Aye Santi this ain't watchu said (Yeah)
(Yeah) We light it ya
Ma flexin
Ya like it yeah
(Yeah yeah yeah) We vibin
We're takin psylocibin yeah
Stilettos (Yeah yeah yeah), ma nikes
Ma brotha give me the guidance yeah
Ma reckon
(Yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Beside me
Jamaican, livin, survivin', yeah
Me no really care what dem
Talk about me (Yeah)
Made it anyway
What a shot at dem ya
You know anywhere
Man I chata bem bay (Yeah)
Meet them lil dogs
But we never go a-
Yeah yeah in da real life
We la but I know you feel like
Real life lookin back on me like
Deadman bone now
[Verse 3: Cruel Santino]
Okay waste your money, she don't even want one
Come and see something
She gon need a lil pump (Gonna need a lil')
Homie kill kill, he ain't with that god son
Come and get some, girl I know you want some (I got it)
I know they talking about me, I'm the sh*t don't send it
They don't know sh*t, I'm lowkey, just like the reverend
It ain't do or die, and I even gotta touch it (Gotta touch it)
You know I'm pretty wild, so my b*t*hes gotta f**k sh*t (Gotta f**k)

Subaru Boy