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"One Big Song"

(NC:) One big song
Big enough that we leave 'em awed
But not so big that we blow our wad
Let's rock the viewers to the core
But leave them longing for one more
Big loud song...

(Paw/Elisa:) My foolish heart is yours to take
Though I know zero things about you


(Paw/Elisa:) Let's take a short commercial break
I couldn't bear the wait without you

(Kyle:) Time to show off my great voice

(Todd:) It had 12 nipples and breathed fire

(Kyle:) La-la-la-la-yo-de-lay-hee-hooooo

(Todd:) It had the voice of James Earl Jones

(Linkara:) Maybe I'll be in this part

(Kyle:) Linkara can't be in this part

(Linkara:) Seriously?!

(That SciFi Guy:) Grabbing my charger...

(Linkara:) I WILL END YOU!

(Malcolm/ Rachel:) The song

(Elisa:) My e-mail...

(All:) It's on

(Elisa:) fangs...

(All:) Let's end

(Elisa:) forthememories...

(All:) Act one!

(Elisa:) @vampire.com


(Brentalfloss:) Where's the Critic? I don't get it
Where in God's name did they go?
Got my Ph.D. so quickly
Though I got it from Russell Crowe

(NC:) We don't need any more help with this review
I got it covered with my current crew

(All:) One big song

(NC:) So kick your seat back and have a couple beers

(All:) One big song

(NC:) Watch this commercial with our voices ringing in your ears
Singing this!

(All:) One song big...big song one...one big sooooooooooong!

(Plaidipus Bunny:) One big song

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