Joe Hawley
Weird Bed &/or Yes Please
Try our simulator said the death engineer
Would it stimulate her any more than what’s here
Vibrating the bed became a swirling vortex
Johnnying the depths of fun and girling cortex

Yes please

I am only velveteen she said with a flair
Fear not any pain for which I am unprepared
Icicled the larynx slid a tongue into me

Come and dance she teased as if we hadn’t been hit
Handling waist we hard tried not to let go of it
Rolling overcomers past alternative will
Heads expecting former grati’ication but still

Yes please

Stopped at they were hanging on for ninesome by gosh
Buskers splayed all blood on 3rd Street Promenade
Hopping ‘styles attributing to bunnies on fours
Dreaming in reverse may well be falling up doors

Someone threw an apple at a grandfather guard
Someone crossed a t and she should have been at least disbarred
Generations squalormander’d after Japan
Towns and Easter Island stoning henges again

Ending with an ‘action framed in some other phase
Bending over forwards see the back that you made
Earning leisure interest I confide you impress
There is nothing more to say old Childlike Empress

Yes please quoth Tsunami Tah