Joe Hawley
The Apologue of Hot Rod Duncan (Demo)
In a ramblin' van lived a banjo man
And his name was Hot Rod Duncan
He didn't know why they called him that
But he just went along with it

Hot Rod Duncan always felt ashamed
Hot Rod Duncan didn't know his name

(Poor Hot Rod)

Now Hot Rod had a brilliant dad
Who knew the banjo business
The instrument was relevant
As long as it looked the art

Hot Rod Duncan di'n't know how to string it
Hot Rod Duncan opted just to wing it

(Oh well)

Soon Hot Rod was the best because
He traveled well and wise
The van was actually
An electric spaceship in disguise

Hot Rod Duncan hail'd from the Appalachians
Hot Rod Duncan transcend'd other nations


(Go, Hot Rod. Take it, Hot Rod.)
(What's the matter, can't take it? You gotta rеmember to string up that banjo. I tell you what.)

Onе time he flew his banjo to
The planet Jupiter
Among the rife intelligent life
He managed to locate her

Hot Rod Duncan found his un-a-corn
Hot Rod Duncan: viewed his share of p***
(He was really lonely in that spaceship band)

Eventually he came to see
The banjo was his friend
The spacy lady with the sexy Sadie
She learn'd him how to end

Hot Rod Duncan strung that banjo well
Hot Rod Duncan played it purty swell

(They adopted a dog named Cloister)

When Hot Rod came to know his name
He returned to planet Earth
And this is where (by just a hair)
He finally glean'd his worth

Hot Rod Duncan: legend in his time
Hot Rod Duncan: reason'd with a rhyme

The girl and he began to see
A gleeful galaxy
They were so happy they phoned his pappy
And the rest is his-to-ry