"You Got It"

(Oh no, no)
It's Vedo baby

[Verse 1]
I can't lie, I can tell you're jaded baby wipe your eyes
Don't let him see that he got the best of you
Girl I'll take the rest of you
Look, I gotta question for you
Is it worth it? Real love, do you think you deserve it?
Cut him off go and find your purpose
And get you a n***a that's solid, personally
I'll do more than to support your dreams
Baby get you a me

It's time to boss up
Fix yo credit, girl get at it
Get ya bag up
Hit that gym and get back fine
Go get that degree, go girl
Focus on me
Unlock potential that you didn't know you had in you
f**k that n***a (Ay!)

Oh yea, it's time to mix it up and get ya glow girl
I know that you gon' get it, you got so much
Don't let nobody tell you that's it's over
I want you to know that girl
You got it, you got it
Oh yeah yeah yeah
You got it, you got it
Oh yeah yeah yeah
Yea, you my lil' baby
I'm gon make it known
Let that n***a hate girl
What is he gon' do
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