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"Ghost Boys [Prequel]"

You should stay indoors
Nobody wants you anymore
And even if you try
You'll run away
Run away again

Livin' in a pretend
Slippin' through my hands again
People only listen when you got something to give to them

Thinkin' as slow and as fast as my song
My production got friction
When I get things wrong
But I will slow it down
So everybody else can sing along

Hurt and kiss and sing along
Tell your friends to sing along
'Cause you plus me plus them plus he plus she
Means we'll be twice as strong

White shoes, dirty coats
Hangin' out with the ghost boys
Got me hearin' those voices
Don't like those noises
Christmas trees
Get rid of my bumblebees
And nothing really gets to me
Like seein' her smiling at me

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