Cancun lyrics


Hold up

Backed up
Stacked up
My bars steady attacking
N***s want some love now
My love they watched the d*** in action
I ran olympian
Gimme a book
No corinthian
Now I gotta let him in
No David but I'm a Letterman
I reak havoc yeah that's me
HONEYXBUN a beast forever
Sharing my eyes to see what I see
Yeah I can't f*** witcha
Make a movie out a n**** for a bigger picture
New frames on my face for a bigger picture
P**** too wet got a new mixture
Now damn why life had to go like that
Every time you hit my phone
You know I text right back
Or I call right back
You know I want you back
But you f***** up my face
Did my dirt real bad
Look yeah I'm too G for this
Mhm so I'm keeping this
Just remember what you did
Close your candles make a wish
Imma go to Cancun
Imma vacation like we in June
Imma make a move
Imma make a sound
No Mazda but I zoom

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