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Infinito 2017

"Emotions of Yesteryears (EYES)"

Infinito 2017 - "Emotions of Yesteryears (EYES)”
[Emcee(s): Infinito 2017]
[Producer(s): ILL.SUGI]

The gift of life, livings but a dream
I than seen a lot of things Obscene
Nasty incarcerated porn images
Awkward imagination she was moving fast
My black exterior dominates her parts
Something from players pictorial
Looking premed out hair curly wet
No reason to reject upset extend
Long range brother looking wide eyed
What’s next she turned over again, again?
Friends lasted so beautiful
Asking for more now I’m obsessed
Relationships get the exit
Wetlands in Germany untamed
Watching too much Netflix no chill
Words programmed into our systems
Black girl educated different world
Turn off that TV turn off the News
Lies to her hallucination lost self
Bring back today yesteryears
Transmitted from the basement
Broken peeks through windows
Gossip and tears thought of throbbing
Am I pregnant if so what is than

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