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Alvin and the Chipmunks

"Comin’ Thru’ the Rye"

And so, Chipmunks
In addition to the many other things I have mentioned
Scotland is famous for their beautiful highlands
And their great poets

How come that man is wearing a dress?
I told you, Alvin
That’s not a dress
They’re kilts
Now let’s sing this wonderful song by Robert Burns

How come the man wearing the dress is squeezing an octopus?
That is not an octopus
It is a bagpipe
Now let’s sing with dignity!

The Chipmunks:
If a body meet a body
Comin’ thru the rye
If a body meet a body
Made our body high

Everybody has somebody
May I say have I?
All the girls they smile at me
When comin’ thru the rye

Hey, Mister piper
Can I play your octopus, please?
Sure, laddie
Simon, you play the drum
And Theodore, get on the saxophone

You’re playing in the wrong key, Alvin
Simon, will you stop rock-and-rolling that drum?
It's disgraceful
Theodore, please put that saxophone down
You just can’t ruin a great song like that, boys!

Fellas, will you come back here with those instruments!
Will you bring that octopus back!
Bring back my pipe back here!

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