King Skam
Yeah-Yeah y'all! Skam!
Rugged & Raw, HAH!

[Verse 1: Skam]
Somebody call 911, cus this lunatic escaped and is armed with a gun
This just in, his name is Skam and it appears that he's a rapper, he must not be that good cus I've never heard of him
Oh shit, what the fuck is he doing now, pointing that shit to his brains

Chk-Chk blaouw! and he blew out his - Wait
Police and fireman now closing in
Is he bout to jump? Hurry up and do a backflip, that's it
He's like a suicidal crack head, who pulls over the trigger cus he's already half dead

[Prelude: Razor]
The test results are negative, there seems to be no intellegence whatsoever

[Verse 2: Skam]
Hi there, do you like violence?
Wanna see me rape your underage daughter?
Don't worry, we gon' have a few first dates then I'll get up in her drawers, then I'll disappear, no DNA, no not a trace

I'm like a black father bailing out on his kids
I'm a deadbeat and I get beat to death, like I did with my penis
Cus every chick that was ever on my dick
Left me without saying goodbye
Now they saying I'm damaged, I don't give a fuck
Cus the broken pieces of my heart are now glued together
That nasty break-up was really, really hard
Just like my penis!

HAH, but on a serious note, I'mma get some virgin blood on my coat, I slice you and dice you then leave you there
In front of the eyes of my crowd on a sold out show
Cus that's how cold I can go

[Prelude: Razor]
Patient is rattling off some random words
There seems to be no antidote, prepare for operation!

[Verse 3: Skam]
Doctor, Doctor, I can't feel my legs
Is it me, or is the mothafucking world turning
My eyes are burning, and I can't help it but it feels so damn good
Get that shit outta my system, before it wrecks me for good

Now all I wanna do is break a mothafucking faggots back
Cus I break necks, break backs, promotion, promotion to say that I'm back (I'm back!)

They say I'm a sicko, is it because I didn't vomit after watching miley cyrus twerk it out? I just don't know!
I seem to not know a lot, that's what you get when you drop out of school

I never had a fucking brain, so tell me how could I pass
All I did was smoke weed and fail my class
Drank so much all I did was pass out
I couldn't even sit straight on my ass
[Prelude: Razor]
We have to operate now! Get the scalpel!
He's losing too much blood! He's not responding
He's not responding!

[Bridge: Skam]
Man, all these drugs and all these drinks
I can no longer handle it
Man I admit, I am damaged
I can't think straight, just like you faggots!
Haha, Hahaha, shit, skam, I'm damaged!

[Outro: Razor]
We lost him, he's gone