King Skam
5 Star Generals
[Verse 1: Shabaam Shadeeq]
Of course, I rap 'til I'm hoarse
Add the sauce to them jive turkey MC's
Say what you like, I toss
Your theory, when you hear me like the guts of a dutch
Snap caught you in the act, like Vivitar AF
2-5-5 Autofocus, clear vision
Precision mics for people of all types
Call the calvary, mic brutality
Switch the pitch gradually
Aqua, turn-table knocka, fresh like Binaca
Jot the thoughts in my chronicles, remarkable styles
Made an exit to spark mine
Nuclear physics, mechanicals and phat rhymes
They know the time, like a sundial, I'm X-File

[Verse 2: Eminem]
Went to Bible class with a gun, blasted a nun
Fuck Hell, Satan sent my ass to the sun
I wasn't born, I was hatched, dumped in the trash
With a note attached sayin', "Someone please whip this brat's ass!"
I never gave a rat's ass or a flyin' fuck
Drivin' drunk in a fire truck with the siren stuck
Slammin' the brakes, skiddin' out, ‘cause the tires suck
Went to pull you off my dick and got the pliers stuck
You better run, ‘cause I'm probably the only one
Crazy enough to shoot your ass with a knife and stab you with a gun
I like fire, you might see me start it
I'm slightly retarded, I miss my sanity since the night we departed
[Verse 3: Skam]
Yo, Old World Disorder on some outnumber shit
We'd rather go out of control than to be under it
Yo, how you gonna win against us
When we got nothin' to lose?
Must be confused, or prayin' to a God that don't exist
It wouldn't save your Bible-kissin' asses even if he did
We like to twist your mystic
Genetic dead-end, don't got friends
Skam and Shadowman, poster children for depression
Stress in any language, say my name in Spanish
That's "Chupacabra", suck the life out of you
There won't be enough of your brain left to fill a teaspoon
We two vanishing men that make the bad things blend
And probably go platinum on the day that the world ends

[Hook sample]
"Rhymes that you never even heard before..."
"Rhymes that you never even heard before..."
"Rhymes that you never even heard before..."
"Rhymes that you never even heard before..."

[Verse 4: A.L.]
When it comes to beef, I gets relief when I kill and breathe
Send a wreathe, get your family ready for the grief
I'll knock your teeth; take your seat, like a thief
Make you change your beliefs
Burn a leaf before you go beneath
Rappers, I kill 'em, down to Hell is where I send 'em
Feelin' my pen is illin' so much I need some penicillin
Jams I'm spillin', ‘cause I'm bound to it
Kicking shit that's solitaire
Your crown I rip, ‘cause rappers, you sound counterfeit
You get a round of clips, if you play hard
You stay scarred thinkin' you're braveheart
You're in a graveyard, one in a mil, son
I'm ill when it comes to skills
Wanna get killed or catch a dum-dum in your grill
Rappers diminishin', in scrimmage
I'm good to the finish, I'll speak in English
While your brothers are speakin' in gibberish
You touch the mic and I'm out to bury your fingers
You want some fame? I'll beat you up in front of Jerry Springer
So pay the price, say they nice, when they play the dice
I'll take your life, slay you twice, before you break your rights
[Verse 5: Kwest Tha Madd Lad]
Cats who rap are feminine
I'm sendin' this without the benefits
Of cinema scents of cinnamon
So submit it in your mental
Since you find it essential to stencil simple sentences
A sentence is simple, you banned from using writin' utensils
Whether Krylon, crayon, pen, or pencil
Observe verse packed with syntax
That causes skin cracks on impact
Send a rap-shot to jaw with a crack and thwack
Send them whack-men back
To the lab to add what most of them lack
I can hand you a manual
To make what I plan to do more tangible
You still wouldn't understand the full concept
It slips through your fingers like sand granules
Scan the land and the blue sea annually
And you will see which animals eat amphibians
From spittin' up that written stuff; it’s all the same
It’s the reason for cyphers prematurely spittin' up
Ironic, phonics show my flow is far from ambionic
To be honest, no hits of chronic in my bionic, I'm beyond it
The texture of my lecture is complex like a professor
Skeptics greet me exceptional when I bless sound receptacles
Much stretchin' through my vestibules
Turns crews to vegetables
They grab my testicles and cup 'em
Fuck 'em, bless 'em—Who? What?
[Hook sample]
"Rhymes that you never even heard before..."
"Rhymes that you never even heard before..."
"Rhymes that you never even heard before..."
"Rhymes that you never even heard before..."